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National Grid River Humber Gas Pipeline Replacement Project have written to give advance notice of some localised noise that neighbouring residents may hear coming from our Goxhill site on Saturday 24th October between between 08:00 and 12:00.

Although the noise will be very localised to our Goxhill site, we wanted to make sure that neighbouring residents were given advanced warning as it will sound quite strange at first and could startle people and animals if they are very close to our site when it occurs.

The noise will come from our works to prepare for the removal of an existing piece of equipment at our existing Goxhill site. We expect it may last up to 30 minutes in total, with it growing steadily quieter over the duration. We don’t anticipate that it will be very noticeable beyond our site perimeter.

If anyone has any concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 988 9144 or at

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Goxhill Grant Scheme

Local funding applications can now be made to the Parish Council which will be considered in the December council meeting.  Closing date 20th November.

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As from the end of Friday 20-Mar-2020 the library will be temporarily closed

We hope that within this introduction we have included all the services and leisure facilities that our village has to offer, for both residents and visitors. Goxhill is a large village of around 2,300 residents, and still growing. We have retained our village library, run entirely by gallant and very able volunteers, where not only can books be borrowed but the Internet is available, with assistance if needed. The Doctors Surgery is located in the centre of the village together with a pharmacy.

Shops include a Lincolnshire Co-op Food Store, two hairdressers, a fish and chop shop, pet food supplier, a car repairers and garden machinery servicers, and just on the entrance to the village a tyre replacement service.

There are numerous small businesses also within the village, supplying many of the essential services.

A view of Howe Lane, Goxhill

A View of Howe Lane

We have a selection of leisure activities available some needing membership, others generally accessible: Tennis (hard court), a beautiful bowling green and children’s playing field, together with a multi-use games area. Snooker is available in the Memorial Hall, which can also be hired for private functions, shows etc. There are several stables in the village some giving riding instruction and an equestrian show is held in the village each year.

Goxhill Children's Playground

The Children’s Playground

For keen gardeners there are allotments, which, from time to time become available. For the leisurely walkers there are many footpaths to explore, providing good exercise and possibly a different view of the village. A Primary School is located centrally, within easy walking distance of most homes, and is very much part of the community.

Goxhill Allotments

Goxhill Allotments

The village is served by churches of different denominations, and our community benefits from their organisation of, and taking part in, functions and activities throughout the year, who can miss the wonderful bell ringing from All Saints church, and the annual open gardens day started and organised by the Methodist church, and together with their helpers, still going strong.

All Saints Church, Goxhill

All Saints Church

Transport is provided by a Rail link through Goxhill which runs regularly from, Barton to Cleethorpes and return, connections can then be made to many areas.

A local bus service also provides connections between local villages.

Goxhill Railway Station

Goxhill Railway Station

The Memorial Hall was built by public subscription as a memorial to the men of the village who lost their lives in the First World War. It was opened by Sir Berkley Sheffield on 7th March, 1925.
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Goxhill Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall

Goxhill Primary School teaches children from 3 to 11 years old and has an excellent reputation. The school is also highly regarded in North Lincolnshire and has taken the lead in educational initiatives, most recently introducing Mastery in Maths and Deeper Thinking to fully embed the learning of the children.
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Goxhill Primary School

Goxhill Primary School

Goxhill Bowls Club is situated on Manor Lane, Goxhill DN19 7LB

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Goxhill Bowls Club

Goxhill Bowls Club

Goxhill Parish Council

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